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How to be confident as an esthetician + develop long lasting relationships with your clients.

How to be confident as an esthetician + develop long lasting relationships with your clients.

Confidence in and out of the treatment room is so important. Yes we need to be a skilled practitioner of our craft. You need to know skin types, products, ingredients, just to name a few but after you get all your technical skills mastered you need to remember that, #1 you're in control in the treatment room, you are the LICENSED professional, and went to school for this! The confidence should exude from within, and that's one of the key factors that keeps you clients coming back for more.

Yes, your clients want someone skilled but they also want someone who knows what they need and how they need it. That's how I built a large clientele + successful skincare studio in Los Angeles the past 14 years. When my clients come in they know they can trust me. They know that I will be honest (not just selling to sell) and the best part…. We have a great relationship!

Here are a few ways I have established amazing, long lasting client relationships.

Set boundaries and keep them.

Even though you are friendly that doesn't mean you let them slide when cancel the same day or stroll in 25 mins late. It means it keep it friendly, but they also know that this is your job and how you make money.

RESPECT their time.

Just like you want them to show up on time, you need to hold up your end of the bargain. Meaning this is their time, this is their treat- your-self moment. I always start with a few simple questions and instructions so they feel comfortable and know what to expect. But I always say “ Let me know if you have questions along the way but please feel free to relax” Letting the client know they can chat and ask questions but they also have the freedom to relax. In my professional opinion you should never vent or over share personal information, unless asked and you feel comfortable

Have fun!

If you are loving your job, your clients are going to see that. You probably got into this business because you want to help, you love people and HELLO you love the beauty industry. What we do as estheticians is like no other job! You get to have creativity + freedom to not be at a desk and again helping people is a true Joy. 

Hope these tips encourage you to not only be confident in yourself and your skills but to let your passion shine through and create those long lasting relationships. Now go jump in the treatment room and have fun!!




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