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We are Kasey Boone Skincare™

We are Kasey Boone Skincare™

Okay, we told you change was coming and here it is! Glow Skincare™ is now Kasey Boone Skincare™. Who guessed it? Did you see this coming? Well, if you did, you beat us to it. Yes, this rebrand was a long time coming, like c'mon, it's Kasey. But, wow, we didn't see it coming, until, well, it needed to happen. As you have seen, or are seeing, there has been a HUGE metamorphosis within the brand. We are ever changing and evolving and this rebrand is a major contributing factor and catalyst. Kasey started out as Glow back before Glow was Glow. Being the awesome name that it is, in a field where everyone wants to glow, the name caught on like wildfire and now there are a million Glo's, Glow's, Glowing everything. Which we love! But... it's just not us anymore. We are Kasey Boone Skincare™. We want to thank our entire community for all of the continued love and support that we have received. It means so much to us and we are incredibly grateful. Don't worry, we are still going to be offering all of your favorite skincare tools and towels as well as coming at you with new education, content, blogs, podcasts and everything you know and love us for. Just all with a new name. Thank you all for coming along with us on this incredible journey, we can't wait for you to see what's next.

Want to hear more about our rebrand story? Be sure to listen to our bonus podcast episode aired on 8/18/23 dedicated to the ins and outs of our brand's transformation. 


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