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3 Reasons You Should Be Retailing Products to Your Clients

3 Reasons You Should Be Retailing Products to Your Clients

If you’re looking to REALLY scale your esthetician business, retain MORE clients, and make MORE money while doing so… this blog is going to be your holy grail. 

Last week, we started to dive into the conversation about wholesale. We broke down what wholesale is and why you should be purchasing wholesale as an etsy, but this week I want to really focus on the top 3 key reasons you should be retailing products to your clients… like TODAY. 

I know that this has been a pivotal part of growing my own business. If you’re an esthetician, you NEED to jump on the retail bandwagon if you haven’t already.

Reason #1: $$$


Do I even need to say more? Retailing products to your clients is a no-brainer for this reason. By offering something EXTRA outside of your services, you can double, if not triple, your income. (Trust me, I do it!) 


Being able to sell retail products to your clients not only adds value to your business monetarily and professionally, but you’ll soon see that your revenue streams quickly increase which allows you to have a larger budget for MORE products to offer. 


Offering and selling retail = larger budget = more products = more money + happier clients. Are you following? 

Reason #2: Customer retention! 


Probably one of the most important things as a business owner is customer retention. If you’re unable to hold long-term customers and build trust with them… then do you even have a business? 


I like to refer to the 3x phenomenon here… this is a concept that basically states that when you recommend retail products to a new client at the end of their initial visit, they are 3x more likely to return to you! Even better, if you sell a client retail and keep selling them, they will tend to be your client 3x longer. Crazy, right? 


The reasoning behind all of this is because, at the end of the day, your customers look to YOU for your expertise. They want to be able to take the incredible experience they just had with you back at home, and what better way to help them do that than through offering retail products?


Reason #3: Accountability. 


Let’s be honest - the REAL work in skincare happens at home, not in the treatment room. So if your clients need to have the knowledge and tools anyway to upkeep their skincare regime at home… why not take that opportunity to recommend some incredible products? Otherwise, they’ll just stop at Target or Sephora. It’s so much missed opportunity here if you’re not offering your clients products! 


Not only that but as an esthetician, you are full of knowledge and it’s really your duty to educate your clients on best practices after their treatment is done. So do that extra research, find those incredible products you can stand by, and retail them to your clients! 


If you read the last blog and haven’t taken the plunge just yet into purchasing wholesale… then take this as your SECOND sign to do so. I hope that these 3 reasons really resonate with you and help you see how much amazing potential there is for your business by retailing products to your clients. 


Now, go GLOW your etsy biz. ;) 


Until next time,




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