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Everything you Need to Know About High Frequency

Everything you Need to Know About High Frequency

High frequency, it's as old as the ages and we love it!

High frequency uses a glass electrode with neon or argon gas to create oxygen which helps speed up the healing process in the skin while also killing bacteria.

Can you zap a pimple with HF? Yes! But beware not to turn it up too high. It could burn the skin if the setting is too high. When used properly it is amazing to use on active breakouts.

When do you choose high frequency over LED? Use both! HF and LED are not a this or that. Ideally depending on the client's skin and concerns you can use both. But again, it depends on what you are trying to treat. More on LED HERE

Should I use gauze? You can but you don't have to. I like to go directly on the skin for an active breakout. Sometimes, I will use gauze for glide when treating the entire face.

Contraindications? Do not turn your HF to high without testing it first. Do not use HF if the client is/has: pregnant, epilepsy, a pacemaker, heart conditions, large amounts of metal in the body (ie, metal plates, pins, etc.), and/or had recent botox (wait at least 2 weeks).

We love HF and if you want even more on this, listen to our episode on Skin and the City HERE


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