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Glow Essential Oil Is Here!

Glow Essential Oil Is Here!

Introducing Glow Essential Oil. I’m really excited and proud to be sharing this new product drop with you.

Where Glow Essential Oil was inspired and born

Even though I love all things beauty and glam, I feel most like myself when I’m out in nature. I always tend to get the most inspiration when I’m moving under the sun and nearby water. I took some soul-searching trips to Sedona, Arizona and this is where Glow Essential Oil inspo was born. I’ll never forget my first trip. I had no idea how breathtaking it would be. The red rocks, the hidden streams, it was all so magical. 

Creating a scent of my own has always been a dream of mine

If you follow me, you know how much I love scent and aromatherapy. Combine that with when I’m working on projects, I love to pull from personal experience. When My Friends Use This brought the idea of creating a Glow Essential Oil, I already knew what I wanted to do. My Sedona dream was becoming a reality! 

It Was Time To Get To Work

The first thing on the agenda was to send over some inspiration, and then we got to WORK. We first had to decide what notes and direction we wanted. From there, we have 4 rounds of testing with 3-4 scent combos in each round. So many rounds and so many smells! Sometimes we had to take a break because your nose will literally tap out lol. Each round we would test on our skin, in a diffuser, and of course, on The Original Perfect Facial Towel. Once we decided on a blend, we made one last sample to make sure the scent kept its integrity in a larger bottle. (It passed the test!)

Packaging was up next.

We decided to go with a recycled label (we try to do our part as much as possible) and I’m so happy with how it turned out. It’s clean, chic, and has a beautiful textured look. After working together for a long time, I finally got to meet Madison, the creator behind My Friends Use This. It still blows my mind that we created all of this while working remotely in different cities, so cool! 

It's crazy to think about all the opportunities that have come into my life & business…

Just to put things into perspective - Madison and I had been working remotely (Email, DMs, video chats) for over 9 MONTHS. We first created the Glow Herbal Steam (the first professional organic herbs for your steamer) and now have our Glow Organic Essential Oil and more!

I’m so grateful that she reached out to me and for this entire experience. She’s literally helped me bring my dreams to life! (And of course brought you incredible, innovative, organic, and eco-friendly products along the way.) We poured our hearts & noses into this, and know that you are going to LOVE using it in & out of the treatment room. 

Glow Organic Essential Oil Is Here!

With notes of warm dessert nights, rosé, cool streams, and lemon water, Glow Organic Essential Oil is going to be your new go-to. Let Glow Essential Oil boost your mood, soothe your soul, and take you to a cool stream while you sip rosé.  

The ingredients are all organic: 


-Geranium rosé


-Black Pepper


 Grab yours here and don't forget to use code KASEY10 for 10% off!



To hear more, tune into our podcast episode!


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