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How to style your retail shelves + cold rollers

How to style your retail shelves + cold rollers

How to style your shelves and cold rollers

If you are an esthetician or own and spa this blog is for YOU!

Retail is such a huge part of being an esthetician. Once I perfected my selling technique, which isn't really “selling” it’s more sharing what I love and also helping my clients achieve their skincare goals. I realized my retail shelves needed perfecting too! They should look, clean, organized and HELLO!!.... Beautiful.

Here are my favorites for styling your retail shelves and cold rollers


Creative shelving

This is where you get to have fun! It depends on how much retail you have/want to put out and what your space looks like. Here are my top favs.

Acrylic shelves I love these so much I have in my home bathroom and the spa.

Bookcase Shelving Tall, narrow, gold and sleek. While you can still hold a lot of retail.

White Wooden Shelve w/gold accent Great for retail and I also use this in my treatment room to put my cotton jars on


Cute Labels

I know it sounds silly but shouldn't everything be cute/On brand? I have been using gold stickers to label all my retail for years. Just adds a touch of class and hello!! GLOD



I like to categorize by brand and then from there get even more specific. All my Cosmeidx cleansers from most gentle to most exfoliating. All my Cosmedix retinols in one space and of course my cold rollers have a dedicated shelf.


Cold Roller Display

Here are my top fav ways to display my cold rollers

Tray with fake Ice I mean if this doesn't catch your clients attention IDK what will.

Gold Shelves, I had these super cute, but narrow gold shelves that perfectly hold one row of cold rollers and to me this is perfect for displays and small spaces.


I hope this helps and gives you INSPO for your own shelves!

Tag me in your retail spaces @glowskincarela



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