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I'm a skincare junkie and this is what's in my bathroom!

I'm a skincare junkie and this is what's in my bathroom!

Yup you heard me right. I'm a skincare JUNKIE. Yes, I’m an esthetician and by default I love all things skincare and beauty. So, of course when I moved into my new home I knew I was going to create the bathroom of my dreamssssss.

First off, moving into my new home was one of the most exciting times of my life. Specifically because I was getting my OWN bathroom!!

Just a tip from me to you - if you and your partner have the option to have separate bathrooms… DO IT!

OK, back to my very OWN bathroom.

You guys know I create a ton of content and #covid-19 has me working at home a lot more. I figured I needed my bathroom to be a Glow inspired vibe and set up to be functional yet beautiful. My two favorite things.

Here is a break down of all the THINGS:

+ *Acrylic Shelves. These simple, clear, acrylic, floating shelves are sleek and modern. They really show off all your skincare in an effortless way. The clear acrylic design makes them super versatile and fit any color scheme and decor style. Plus they are easily mounted to the wall and create the perfect display of all your skincare favs.

+ *Wall Mounted Censored Magnifying Mirror. Ok woh, that is a mouth full but this mirror is a must. First off, I hate cords, like really really hate and that’s why it’s perfect. You can mount the mirror to the wall and it’s even rechargeable. It can be used without a cord for up to 5 weeks on a single charge and yay it looks gorgeous with no cords. It has a censored light which mean when you walk up to your mirror, it turns on. It simulates natural sunlight allowing you to see subtle variations in your makeup color so you’ll always know when your makeup is color-correct and flawless. 5X magnification - provides exceptional detail while still allowing you to see your entire face at once. It comes in gorgeous color options, including bass brushed ( my choice), polished or even rose gold.

+*Himalayan Salt lamp nightlight. 100% Himalayan crystal rock lamp with its beautiful amber night lights brings gorgeous light + is a natural air purifier. This salt lamp emits negative ions when heated by the bulb, purifies air, improves breathing, can help increase the flow of oxygen to the brain. Also, if you get up in the middle of the night you don’t want to turn on all those bright lights in your bathroom, which can disturb you getting back to sleep

+*Mini Fridge. Yasssssss! The day I put a mini fridge in my bathroom is the day I fell IN LOVE with my bathroom. It’s a total game changer. My cold rollers are always cold and I don’t have to go all the way down stairs just to grab my roller that smells like leftover chicken. Store your cold rollers, eye gels, fav serums and even essential oils in the mini fridge!

So obviously I could go on and on and on but let me just give you a list of a few more favs;

+Vibes candles

+Eucalyptus shower mist

+Vitamin C shower head

Now that it is confirmed I am a skincare junkie, it’s your turn to create your own perfect bathroom! If you do, I’d love to see! Make sure your following me on IG @glowskincarela and tag me in your bathroom pics.





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