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Kasey's Favorite Steamer

Kasey's Favorite Steamer

There are TONS of questions I get asked on a regular basis, one of them is “Kasey, what’s your favorite steamer?”. Let me tell you! I have been through 500,000,000 steamers in my career as an esthetician and have finally found my favorite one. It’s the KATANA facial steamer with aromatherapy from Spa & Equipment and it will change your life! 

Here is why I LOVE this steamer:

+It seriously creates the best steam. Seems like a pretty basic requirement for a steamer, but you would be surprised how often I would buy a steamer that did not steam. Annoying. 

+It has a SUPER bendable and flexible arm. If you are like me and have bought steamer after steamer, you’ll notice that most steamer arms aren't typically flexible, but it should be. You also want the output of steam to be close enough to your clients skin to properly cover the entire face but at the right angle so you aren’t steaming yourself. It is so important for our clients to get the best steam possible. This is a step that can really make or break their facial experience.

+ It has a spot on the top of the steamer head to add aromatherapy to your steam. My favorite scent is always a classic lavender or eucalyptus. The great thing is, you can customize it to you and your clients preference. PRO-TIP; ask your client what their preferred scent is before beginning their facial for a customized feel.

+ It has options for ozone or regular steam. PRO-TIP; use ozone for thick, oily acne prone skin and regular steam for drier, more sensitive skin types.

+It’s on wheels so it’s super easy to move around your treatment room.

What else could you want? I’ve used the one I have for years and it works perfectly without fail. I love it so much that I’ve ordered one for every treatment room at the spa.

Don’t take my word for it, get one for yourself. Spa & Equipment knows you’re going to love it and they stand confident with their products so they even offer a 1 year limited warranty. So what’s the risk? Go check it out, you’ll thank me later.

Make sure you tell them Kasey from Glow Skincare sent you and use code KASEY to save $$$ off your order.




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