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My Top 8 Must-Have Treatment Room Tools from 2021

My Top 8 Must-Have Treatment Room Tools from 2021

“New year, new me!”, or should I say, “New year, new treatment room tools!”. 

With 2021 coming to a wrap, I wanted to put together a list of ALL the things I tested in my treatment room this year that I’m definitely bringing into 2022. 

If you’re wanting to start fresh in the new year and do a little bit of upgrading, save this blog so you can refer back to it! Trust me, these will soon become staples in your treatment room if you don’t have them already.

Must-Have #1: Milo Electric Facial Bed.

Of course, I had to start off this checklist with the Milo. How could I not? If you’ve been following me on my socials and read my recent blog post about this, you’ll know I’ve been ravvvving about it. And for good reason! After 15 years I’ve finally started to stand up during my services and let’s be honest… I don’t think I’ll EVER go back to sitting. Plus, the client comfort factor is EVERYTHING! My clients are obsessed and never want to get up. This facial bed provides so much support. 

Must-Have #2: Katana Facial Steamer.

I’ve tried all of the steamers out there and NOTHING compares to this one. I promise you, the Katana facial steamer will not disappoint. It creates the best steam, it’s on wheels which makes it very easy to move around your treatment room (LOVE!). It also has a cool placeholder on the top of the steamer head where you can add aromatherapy and an Herbal Basket to pout your Glow herbs for a truly cozy facial.

I wrote an entire blog on this steamer, you can check that out here.

Must-Have #3: Cooluli Mini-Fridge

Every etsy needs a mini-fridge! If you don’t have one, run to Amazon right now and pick up this Cooluli Fridge. This is a total must-have and it’s definitely worth the investment. In fact, I love it so much I actually have 3. I keep one for my treatment room, one for the lobby at the spa (I use it for refreshments), and one for my home bathroom (I love this one specifically because of the light inside when you open the door, and it has all the compartments for my skincare tools. Definitely worth the $$$).

Must-Have #4: The Glow Towel™, of course! 

I had to include our Glow Towels to this list because these facial towels have been an absolute essential this year. I was always on the hunt for a soft and durable towel that would cover the face, neck and décolleté. So, I took matters into my own hands, and voila, Glow Towel was born! 

You can read my entire blog post about that here and also shop for your own Glow Towel here.

Must-Have #5: The Champagne Fan Brush.

The fan brush of your dreams is truly here. Just like with my search for a good treatment room towel, I was always on the hunt for a good  an brush. I guess the only option when that happens is to create your own product! So, I created the Champagne Fan Brush and made sure it was designed with bristles that DON’T shed, a long handle to provide you with more mobility, and still look sleek and beautiful.

 Read more about this beautiful fan brush here and shop for yours here!

Must-Have #6: PHA Hydration Peel from COSMEDIX.

I love doing peels for myself and in the treatment room, these peels from Cosmedix are my go-to! These peels are created with botanical ingredients and potent actives to create a seamless and effective experience for your clients. It’s gentle enough on ALL skin types because of the polyhydroxy acids and no down-time, meaning no peeling. Just beautiful and hydrated skin! 

Must-Have #7: Glow Herbal Steam

This is an herbal steam that I created with the botanical skincare line My Friends Use This and I’m not kidding you when I say it’s the perfect herbal blend for a facial steam. It’s made from a mix of organic herbs and flowers, it smells AMAZING. This herbal steam also works perfectly with your professional-grade steamer. I love to use the Glow Herbal Steam with my Katana Steamer. We just dropped refills too! You can subscribe & save 5% here.

Must-Have #8: Supra 5-in-1

How could I forget to include this game-changing Microdermabrasion machine from Spa & EquipmentThe Supra 5-in-1 has been an essential for 2021 and will definitely be an essential for 2022! It has a diamond microdermabrasion system that replaces the micro-crystal flow with a diamond tip wand and I love it because of the LED light therapy and hot cold therapy. It’s an all-around MUST-HAVE for your treatment room. 

And that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed reading my compilation of 2021 must-have treatment room tools. I can’t wait to bring these with me into the new year, and I hope you do the same! 

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