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Crème Fan Brush - The New It-Girl Fan Brush

Crème Fan Brush - The New It-Girl Fan Brush

Our latest Fan Brush is out! Welcome the Crème Fan Brush to the Kasey Boone Skincare™ brush family. This new brush makes for the fourth brush in the collection. This brush is by far the fluffiest brush you have ever used in the treatment room. Designed for your creamiest masks. 

We are always listening and you wanted something; softer, more durable, stronger, and that would last the test of time in the treatment room.⁣ Well, this is it! The Crème Fan Brush was made with more bristles (same faux mink as the Champagne Fan Brush)⁣, featuring a stronger and more aesthetic gold bind to keep bristles from falling out. And don’t forget about the thicker, acrylic handle so they won’t fall apart in your disinfectant.

Although we had creamy masks in mind when designing this brush, it also works great with cleaners and other creamy products. Because of the dense bristles, this brush works miracles in back facials and working product down the chest as it can hold more product. Keeping your brush application uninterrupted and as luxurious as possible. 

Your clients are going to be begging for this brush to be used for their treatments in no time. Just like we want to spoil you with the best, we know you want to spoil them with the best too. To learn more about this gorgeous brush go here and use all the drop-downs.

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Thank you for your support! And remember, your feedback is what makes these new products come to fruition. So, don’t be shy! We want to hear from you.


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