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Spa Laundry 101: My Top Tips For Washing Your Towels + Sheets

Spa Laundry 101: My Top Tips For Washing Your Towels + Sheets

You ask - I deliver! This is a common question I get all of the time… “How do you wash your glow towels and sheets?”.

Let’s face it - the towels and sheets in your treatment room get a lot of use. So it’s important to have a regular routine for keeping them fresh and clean for your clients. I know for myself, I frequently use 3 things that require lots of washing - the Glow Towels (of course), “Wash Your Face” Headbands, and Comphy bedding sheets (P.S. I have an entire blog on my top tips for making your treatment bed, you can read that right here).

If you’ve been looking for an easy way to keep your spa laundry looking fresh and clean, today’s blog is for you! I’m going to unveil my go-to tips when it comes to soft and bright spa laundry that will feel sparkling new. 

Be sure to save this spa laundry recipe because once you try it, you’ll be obsessed!

What You’ll Need: 

*For the washer

  • ½ cup of baking soda per load (Drop this right into the washer machine! The power of baking soda is REAL. When used as part of your laundry routine, it can help whiten and brighten, eliminate stubborn odors, and stamp out stains).
  • Liquidless Laundry Detergent Sheets Plastic-Free (These are PERFECT for sensitive skin! And super easy to use. Just drop 1 sheet for the perfect amount every single time. It’s made with 0% dyes and no artificial brighteners. It also dissolves completely in hot or cold water and provides a powerful clean. A perfect eco-friendly, dye-free, natural and septic safe option!) 
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oils (To enhance stain removal, plus it smells amazing. Check with clients for allergies before using! And be sure to put it in the softener tray of the washer too).

*For the dryer

  • Dryer balls (These are completely natural and 100% organic fabric softeners made from premium New Zealand wool, they help reduce wrinkles AND save time. They’re also baby-safe, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly). Glow Tip: Switch these out every 6 months.

Happy Washing! 

With this spa laundry recipe, your treatment room will always smell fresh and amazing! Plus, your clients will love it and notice such a difference. Everything will be unbelievably soft. It’ll be like floating on a cloud! You know I’m all about the details and this one is a spa room MUST. 

Once you give this a try, let me know how you like it! 

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Hello, what are the glow towels made of?

Bentje Bahls

Hello, what are the glow towels made of?

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