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The Crystal Candle you need in your life and Spa

The Crystal Candle you need in your life and Spa

The hunt is over! I found the perfect candle. She looks great, smells great, lasts forever and has crystals to keep.

As an Esthetician and Spa owner, candles have always been a staple in my home and spa. To me lighting a candle sets the mood.

I'm also that person, when I get home after a long day I light a candle. It's like a ritual, hang my bags, throw off my shoes, light a candle and CHILLLL. When I was younger I thought I needed to save them for “special” occasions and then I realized, wait! Everyday is a special occasion and lighting a beautiful candle at home or at the spa just feels good.


For years I was on the hunt for the best candle. I wanted them to look beautiful, smell great, last a long time and burn clean. Let me tell you I spent a lot of money and time trying out candles but never found one that was perfect until I found Vibes Candles.


Meet my favorite home + spa candle. VIBES CANDLES

Made With


-Coconut Cream and Natural Soy wax blend. These candles are hand poured in Massachusetts by Lex herself. The blend is creamy, provides incredible fragrance and includes no harmful ingredients and burn for 30 hours!!!


-Crackling Wooden Wicks. 100% of the wood is naturally produced and sourced. These eco-friendly wicks are known for their soft crackling sound that really set the mood. The wick throws more heat which means more scent and burns more evenly for a longer burn with minimal carbon and debris #clean


-Fragrance and Potions. Lex creates her own potions that are unique, and magical. These aren’t those cheesy, fake scents. Her fragrances are sophisticated and selected to match the feeling of each crystal. Bringing me to my favorite part! 


-Crystals. Each Vibes Candle comes handpicked, cleansed under the moonlight CRYSTALS! A few of my favs are Citrine- for creativity + goal setting, Amethyst for transformation + protection and Pyrite for warmth + flow of ideas. Are you sold yet!?


Last but not least the vessel they come in is beautiful, sleek and reusable.


I love to clean out the jar and crystals at the end of their use and use them to plant my succulents and LOVE that my crystal collection continues to grow with each candle I burn.


On top of all this you are supporting and Women Owned, Small Biz which is my favorite part! Lex is incredibly talented and a true pleasure to work with. It amazes me how a crystal candle brought us together! Vibes also has a line of accessories, cleansing bundles and adorable matches. BRB gotta light a candle, talk later.


xoxox Kasey


Use Code GLOWVIBES for 10% off your first order and thank me later



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