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The Rebrand Q + A

The Rebrand Q + A
Kasey Boone, the owner and founder of Kasey Boone Skincare™ took time to sit down for an interview with ASCP. They wanted to know the ins and outs of her recent rebrand. Here is what they asked her:
ASCP Did anything surprise you about the rebranding process? 
KB I don't think anything necessarily surprised me, it definitely was exciting to me. I knew it was going to take a lot of time and energy and honestly still is. I would say the  amount of time to update all my social media handles with new bios, names, images, and websites took much more time than I think you might realize, especially since I am on so many platforms.
ASCP Were there a lot of factors to consider, or did it feel relatively simple? 
KB The decision came fast and clear to me once I really thought about it, but honestly my initial thought was NO WAY, especially having the name Glow Skincare for 12 years.
ASCP What inspired the rebrand? 
KB So many things! I have gone through a personal and professional metamorphosis the past few years and what once was a busy spa in LA was now a virtual business creating content and tools for estheticians. Plus to be honest the name Glow was used SO much It was really time to set myself apart from the crowd even more!
ASCP How did you approach marketing the rebrand for your following? 
KB I started teasing that something big was coming, especially on my podcast Skin and the City. Other than that I used all my knowledge and tools I have strengthened over the years. A lot of trial and error lol and executed my VISION with my team. We took a lot of time, care and thought into every aspect from the logo, the colors, verbiage, the new packaging and products. We took our time, never rushed until I found Kasey Boone Skincare™ to be what I wanted to share with the world.
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