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Awaken, Your new must have Mask

Awaken, Your new must have Mask

I can’t believe it! Awaken is finally here. This is a Kasey Boone X Cosmedix Collaboration. Yes, you heard that right. Over the past year I have been testing masks with global educator Ryan Christopher and the Cosmedix team to bring you Awaken. A replenishing mask now available from Cosmedix Elite Line.

This is a dream come true for me and I hope you love this mask as much as I do. If you told me, almost 15 years ago, when I was in esthetician school that one day I would be invited by Cosmedix to collaborate in a mask, I would have DIED, and well when I got the call I did. This just goes to show you anything is possible, even your own mask with your favorite skincare line!

Ok! so let me break down, who this is good for, whats in it and how to use it in and out of the treatment room.

Good for all skin types

Skincare is for everyone and this mask is made for all skin types. Awaken is ideal for those typically too sensitive to exfoliate, especially acne and rosacea.

Ingredients like; Gluconolactone- A polyhydroxy acid that gently exfoliates. Lingonberry fruit extract and stem cells that protect the skin's barrier. Prebiotics to restore microbiome and balance to the skin. Plus Marine Algae and 3 types of Hylaronic acid to improve moisture levels in the skin.


How to use

This mask can be used in and out of the treatment room.

Use as a weekly exfoliation or sleep mask at home. I have been LOVING sleeping in this mask. Just apply a light layer and massage into the skin until dry. You can either sleep like this or my new favorite combo…. Once Awaken has dried and sat on the skin 10-15 minutes apply a light layer of Restore - Moisture Rich Mask and wake up GLOWING. 


In the treatment room the options are endless. Here are a few ways I have been using it. 

-Sensitive skin apply with the smooth side of the Cosmedix brush applicator. 

-For more exfoliation apply and massage with the textured side of Cosmedix brush applicator.

You can also use Awaken as layered exfoliation! This mask is amazing post derma-plane, enzyme, micro-channeling, micro or hydro dermabrasion just to name a few.



You guys know I wont share or use anything unless I really love and believe in it. This mask is the first of its kind. The FIRST mask from the Elite line and the FIRST gel mask. Elite is a spa exclusive, meaning it can only be purchased through a licensed professional and is not available for purchase online. I’m obsessed with the gel texture, as it is cooling to the skin and easily removed. I have personally been using on my skin once a week, and let me tell you I can see and feel the difference. Plump, hydrated and firm. Awaken the look of your skin and help restore balance with this Replenishing Gel Mask—it’s a skincare routine game changer for healthier-looking skin! 


More question on the mask drop them below. Want to try it for yourself? Professionals who already carrying Cosmedix contact your rep.

Everyone else you can order your mask HERE


I cant thank you enough for sharing this amazing skin journey with me. With your support my dreams have become my reality.


xoxo Kasey




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