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Beard Facial 101

Beard Facial 101

Beard facials... if you’ve been holding back on offering this service because you’re intimidated, have no fear! I’ve got you covered in this blog post. 

I’m going to share my top 5 tips with you on how to approach beard facials - these will help take away all of the fear, overwhelm, and intimidation. I promise! I want to also mention that if you’re simply not crazy about this kind of facial, then don’t offer it. No need to overcomplicate things! But, if you’re ready to tackle beard facials then grab a pen and paper. Let’s dive right in. 

#1: Don’t be afraid to get in there… seriously.

The key with a beard facial is to focus on the skin underneath the hair, it needs a lot of extra love. Not to get gross but having a beard tends to make the skin underneath more prone to dirt or bacteria, so a beard facial should be deep-reaching! Make sure the skin underneath is being cleansed and hydrated. 

#2: Use the The Perfect Facial Towel and a Squeeze Bottle for an easy removal. 

One of the biggest worries I see other estys have with beard facials is how to effectively remove the cleanser. And here’s my answer - as long as you have a perfect facial towel on hand and my favorite Squeeze Bottle, you’re golden. This combo will help you efficiently remove the product and it’s pretty quick too! 

#3: Skip the mask and opt for oil.With beard facials, it’s best to skip the mask on the beard area and opt for an oil at the end. I recommend picking one that acts as a beard conditioner. An oil will also be filled with much more benefits like nourishing the skin underneath the hair while keeping the beard looking fuller, softer, and tamer. (My go-to is the Remedy Treatment Oil from Cosmedix!)

 #4: Dealing with dandruff and dry skin? Grab a high-frequency comb! High-frequency combs are the, they help increase the growth of the beard while killing bacteria. It’s also amazing for curing dandruff and killing bacteria.

 #5: Which direction should I go? Go with? Or against? This is a question I get so often and I always say it depends on what steps you’re performing in the service. As a general rule of thumb when you’re cleaning the skin or using high-frequency therapy, always go against the hair. This will minimize irritation and result in a much better facial. Then, you can go with the hair during the rest of the facial, especially during the massage.

Congratulations, you passed beard facial 101! I hope this blog post puts your mind at ease and helps you realize that this kind of facial doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, it can be a great service to offer to your clients. 

 The next time you have a customer inquiring for a beard facial, keep this blog post handy and remember… don’t overthink it. This type of facial doesn’t have to be complex and difficult. Plus, the more you practice, the better you will get! Know that you’re set as long as you’re equipped with the tools I mentioned above. 






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