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Healing Crystals I Use in the Treatment Room

Healing Crystals I Use in the Treatment Room

I love crystals! I have been drawn to them since I was a kid and who knew all these years later I would be able to use them in my business and in my facials. There are many different crystals you can use in your office, spa and treatment room but today I am going to be sharing my top 3 healing crystals I use regularly during my facials.

Before we get into the crystals, I want to share with you to get creative. Don't be afraid to experiment and learn as you go. I know that's what I did. There are always going to be people (and the internet) that tell you this, that and the other when it comes to crystals but I believe in working with them intuitively. As long as you have good intentions, I believe you will have good outcomes. Of course, always do your research too, but that's why you have me :)

Ok let's get into it...

+Tiger's Eye is the #1 crystal I use in the treatment room. I also use this stone daily in my at-home facial massage practice. Tiger's Eye is my top choice because it is water safe, making it easy and safe to clean and disinfect. It remains cool to the touch for a soothing calming experience when coming in contact with the skin. Most importantly Tiger's Eye is the stone of courage and encourages self confidence and inner strength while grounding you or your clients. As well as help warding off any negative energy.

Check out our hand cut Tigers Eye Gua Sha HERE

+Rose Quartz is another favorite and very popular in the beauty community for its beautiful light pink color and just like Tigers Eye it is water safe and cool to the touch. Rose Quartz is also a healing crystal and the stone of unconditional love. When using your Rose Quartz on yourself or clients you are infusing and sharing that unconditional love. Isn't that beautiful? 

+Jade is another classic for the treatment room! Like Tiger's Eye and Rose Quartz it's also water safe and cool to the touch. Jade is typically an enchanting green color and is best known for it to enhance nobility, wealth, as well as protection and good luck. Jade of course can be used in many different ways but I am obsessed with these Jade Massage Combs for scalp massage. You know I believe skin health starts at the scalp!

I hope these crystal tips are helpful! Drop any questions below and tag me next time you use them in your treatment room or at home!

xo Kasey Boone



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