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How to: Client Consultations

How to: Client Consultations

Do we do them? Do we not? Do we rush? Do we get nervous? Do we know what to say? We GOT you! Client consultations are one of those MUST-HAVE esthetician bylaws. Well it is in our opinion. Don't get me wrong, we have not always done them, or done them well, but as the Glow Skincare Spa grew, it became something that was NEVER missed.

Providing a meaningful client consultation is super important for a few reasons.

+ Protect your client 

If your client recently started using retinol, or just had Botox, now you know. This knowledge will protect their skin from any damage that could potentially happen during the treatment.

+ Protect yourself

We have all heard horror stories, and let me be honest, something can and most likely will happen at some point during your career. Having a consult, prior to providing a service can help you avoid mishandling the client. But even if the worst happens, you have their signed approval. We like to have our bases covered.

+ Provide an amazing service

The more you know, the better you can be! Education, including being educated about your client means you can provide a meaningful service. The consultation will reveal what they are looking for, and then, you can help them achieve their goals!

Okay, well that's all fine and great but how do we DO a consult. Well, there are a few options, so do what feels best to you.

+ Before the treatment

You can have a short conversation with your client before the treatment begins. This can be sitting in the treatment room, privately in the lobby or on the walk back to their service.

+ During the treatment

After the treatment begins (this doesn't work for all treatments, so use your digression). Kasey likes to do the consult during the first cleanse (which is always gentle and safe for all skin types and concerns). 

+ Stand alone appointment

Did you know you can actually even schedule a short appointment for this? Dedicated time, maybe 15-30 minutes where you can sit and really talk about their skin, concerns, history, lifestyle etc. This is obviously best for first time clients.

So now you know why and when you should do the consult, but what should be said? Consultations are a time for curiosity. Ask ALL the questions and get ALL the info. This will set you and your client up. The more you know the better. Still need more help? Well, fortunately we created the Glow Standard Intake Form to take the guesswork out. This is a 3 page form where you will gather all the important information about your client. Everything from their name to their music preference. There is also a fourth page, the day of appointment page. This is for every time your client comes in, new or returning, they will fill out this short form. Still want to take it to the next level? I am happy to create a custom intake form for you! For more on that, you can go HERE

It’s never too late to start doing consultations, and my best advice would be, just be confident. You are in control and you got this!
Glow tip- even with consults, cover your a** and get some insurance


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