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Tips for Estheticians: Essential Oil Hack

Tips for Estheticians: Essential Oil Hack


I love using essential oils in the treatment room. Essential oils are an amazing enhancement in the treatment room. They take you through a sensory journey, help boost your mood and relax your clients. I have a hack that’s going to save you money. Not to mention, it’s way better for your client’s skin! 

Special shout-out to @classicbeautyaz on Instagram for the inspiration - esty’s, once you use this EO hack, you won’t go back. 

Here’s what you need…

  • Your favorite essential oil - I recommend the Glow Essential Oil, I partnered with My Friend Use This to create this unique blend of organic essential oils. It’s perfect to be used as aromatherapy in a diffuser, a professional-grade steamer, or hot towel preparation. 

  • Your favorite towel warmer - I am obsessed with this one from Amazon! It fits 10-15 glow towels™ and is super cute and compact (you know I hate a bulky towel warmer. Read more about my fav towel warmer HERE).  
  • Glow Towels™ - the softest towels you’ve ever felt! They are absorbent and easy to wash. This unique design covers the face, neck, and décolleté with one easy-to-use towel. Saving you time, money, and laundry! P.S. see how I do my spa laundry HERE. 

How to Infuse:

Grab a cotton round, apply 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil, and put the cotton round at the bottom of your towel warmer! 

No more soaking or applying directly onto the towel! This hack is SUCH a game changer, your towels will smell incredible and your clients will be absolutely obsessed. 


Let me know if you give this hack a try and how you like it! 




To hear more, tune into our podcast episode! 


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