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6 Ways to Make the Most Out of a Small Treatment Room

6 Ways to Make the Most Out of a Small Treatment Room

Struggling with space in your treatment room? I’m not joking when I say that I’ve worked in some really SMALL spaces as an esthetician… we’re talking like literal closets. BUT, I found a way to make it work! 

Don’t let the limited space discourage you. We all have to start somewhere, and here are a few of my top tips to help you make the most out of your small space…

Small Space Hack #1: Organize, organize, and then organize some more!

This is KEY to making the most out of your small space. Bins, dividers, drawers, they’re all your best friends now. Wherever you can consolidate items and put them into an organizer, the better.


Small Space Hack #2: Install shelving on the wall. 


Wall shelves are one of my favorite hacks for making the most out of a tight space! These are a great way to turn empty walls into additional storage. You can also utilize this to display decor and add ambiance to your treatment room.


Small Space Hack #3: Ask yourself, “Do you REALLY need it in the treatment room?” 


I know it’s so easy to get carried away with fun and cute skincare tools, but these can easily stack up and add clutter to your space. Instead, be mindful and really ask yourself if the product/tool gets enough usage to stay in your treatment room. 

Small Space Hack #4: Under bed storage! 


This is probably one of the most genius ways to make the most out of a smaller space, they’re cute, they’re practical, and they can store A LOT of items. I’m a huge fan of this plastic storage bin set, you can check out my full list of must-have organizing products here! If you haven’t tried this method already, get yourself some under bed storage today. LIFE-CHANGING.


Small Space Hack #5: Throw out the oversized hot towel cabby & DOWNSIZE! 


No more oversized bulky items - go for anything mini and sleek. I have always hated oversized hot towel cabbies anyway, so this is going to be an ongoing staple for you if you ever upgrade your treatment room space. 


This hot towel cabby from Amazon is the love of my life, it’s portable, holds up to 10-15 Glow Towels™, and ALWAYS warms up my towels to perfection. 


Small Space Hack #6: Display your skincare as decor. 


Skincare tools and products are so beautiful and can make great decor if done in the right way. For example, I love to display the Glow Herbal Steam. Take a look at your products and tools, and whatever you think could double as decor, put it out! 


Glow tip: You can display these on your wall shelves for easy access & cute decor! Win-win. 


A small space can be warm and welcoming! If you found this helpful and end up using my tips, snap a pic and tag me on Instagram.





To hear more, tune into our podcast episode! 


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