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Cloud Mini - DUH

Cloud Mini - DUH

Do you ever have that moment when you look at someone and know exactly what they are thinking, because you are thinking the same thing? Ugh, we love that! Don't you? Anyway, that happened a few months ago between Kasey and me in the middle of recording an episode for Skin and the City podcast. We both had the idea to create a mini cold roller that would feature clouds, and a sky-blue handle, cuz branding.

The great news is, it's here, it's adorable and it should be in your hands! We are excited to be offering the Cloud Mini Cold Roller to our KB Members first. We call it first dibs because we want to make sure our members receive priority. The great news is, if you want this baby now, which you do, you can become a member and purchase it December 5th! As of December 18th, the Cloud Mini is available to the general public as well!

Not sure about membership? No worries, you can read about our membership perks here. Still not wanting to sign up? That's okay too! All that means is you'll have to wait until it is released to the general public for purchase. We don't have a date yet, as we want to give our members a fair chance! 

We hope you love this limited edition Cloud Mini Cold Roller as much as we loved designing it. Oh and like I said, it's limited edition, so get it while you can. They will sell out.

X Hailey


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