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Favorite Supplements for Estheticians

Favorite Supplements for Estheticians

Supplements have been a game changer, especially in my health and wellness journey. For so many years when I was overworked and over-caffeinated lol, I just got used to feeling well... bad. Once I started taking better care of myself, I started looking for ways to supplement my diet to help with my skin, energy and mood! We have to take care of ourselves first, before our clients. A great place to start is as simple as the supplements we take daily. Here are a few of my favorites...

+ Magnesium

This is my ride or die! Many adults have a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium can help with energy levels, more restful sleep, relax tight muscles, keeps you regular :), activates vitamin d, calms your mood and even improves heart health. If you are going to start with one supplement this is the one! I take two every night before bed. I also like Magnesium Spray. I like to spray on my stomach, legs and bottoms of feet before bed. Don't like to take a pill? Try Calm. I like to make this as a tea before bed but you can add to smoothies, iced water or anytime you want to add hydration + benefits. 

+ Probiotic

I have been taking probiotics since I was a kid. Thanks Mom and Dad! I didn't know at the time how beneficial they were but I am grateful now as an adult that I was taking them and continue to this day. Probiotics are great for the gut, and gut health = skin health. Probiotics also help with digestion and immunity. If you suffer from inflammation, breakouts or get sick a lot add a daily probiotic like this one

+ Ashwagandha 

I love using ashwagandha. A few years ago when I was feeling low I was looking for something to boost my mood naturally. This has helped me feel less stressed, improve memory and even reduce inflammation.  

My recommendation for you: start with 1 or even all 3 supplements and see how you feel. Give yourself at least 30-60 days of being consistent to notice results. Same thing you would tell your clients when they are starting a new skincare routine.

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xoxo KB


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