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Kasey Boone's End of Summer, Signature Facial Protocol- Cryo Freeze Facial

Kasey Boone's End of Summer, Signature Facial Protocol- Cryo Freeze Facial

Summer came and now it’s gone, literally in a blink of an eye. Well, it was fun while it lasted! I don’t know about you but I’m totally ready to put away the summer bikinis and get my fuzzy fall sweaters out. 


Speaking of summer coming to an end, I know all my estheticians are hard at work treating their clients and I figured I’d share a must-have summer protocol for their treatment room! This is a perfect way to end the hot season and enter the fall refreshed & revamped. 


You can take what you want and leave what you don’t from these recommendations. This protocol is something you can follow as is or add your own creative spin on it, which is why I love it! 


Grab your pen and paper, get ready to take some notes because this is going to be a game-changing addition to your menu or a great special that’ll leave your clients begging for more. 


Introducing the Cryo Freeze Facial. 


Before I dive into my recommendations and tools you can use to make the most of this facial for your clients, let’s first address what the Cryo Freeze Facial is for those of you who may not know. The Cryo Freeze Facial is a cold treatment exclusively for the face. 


There are TONS of benefits to it from boosting cellular turn over and encouraging collagen production to plumping and lifting the face. It’s a must-try treatment for all skin types. The best part? You’ll have the most radiant glow, you’ll notice your skin tone evened out, and this facial also reduces the appearance of pores. It’s basically the best thing ever. No-brainer treatment to offer to your clients!

Now let’s dive into the juicy protocol I’ve put together for you to create the dreamiest facial experience for your clients.


Step #1: Steam away. 

Begin doing your facial steam. This softens the skin and helps loosen any buildup of dirt for a deeper and more effective cleanse. You can pick up my favorite steamer, the Katana Facial Steamer and get a discount using code “KASEY” at checkout.


Step #2: Cleanse the face with purity solution and second cleanse with crystal cleanse.

You can pick these up at Cosmedix. It’s the perfect combo for a nutrient-rich blend of oils and hydrating liquid crystals that melt away dirt, oil, and lead to a healthy gorgeous glow! 


Step #3: Apply Awaken.

This mask is my OBSESSION and a Kasey Boone X Cosmedix Collaboration. It’s a mask made for all skin types and truly the first of its kind. You can read more about it here

*Pro Tip: Use the Champagne Fan Brush for easy and seamless application of your mask and apply the mask under steam! (Or no steam depending on skin type) 

You can order Awaken by emailing Hailey at - thank me later! 


Step #4: Extract!

Clear out those pores and get a nice even complexion. This will also help act as a preventative for less breakouts in the future. 


Step #5: Mask with Blue Legume, of course.

Use my two-brush technique for this, your client will looove you. 


Step #6: Cold roll and moisturize!

Nearing the end of the treatment, you’ll want to remove the product with a Glow Towel (aka the perfect facial towel you’ll ever find, you can read more on why I’m so in love with it here!


Then, roll away! Ice ice baby. You can either opt for the Alto 8-1 Skincare System (which has a cryo option) or the Glow Skincare Cold Roller


Step #7: Oxygen spray!

For the oxygen sprayer, you can opt for the Alto 8-1 or opt for this fabulous airbrush on Amazon. I love using Mystic to add some hydration for this! 


To wrap up, use the serum/moisturizer of your choice. You can check out my ABSOLUTE favorite SPF here and use code “GLOW10” at checkout for a discount. 


*Pro Tip: Throw in a nice shoulder massage while your mask is sitting to really take this experience to the next level! 


Treat yourself and your clients! 


What better way to end off the summer season than with my signature Cryo Freeze Facial? Not only will you reap the benefits as an esthetician offering this treatment but your clients will come back again and again for more. It’s such an effective way to achieve a youthful glow. If I could, I would Cryo everyday. (And I do, with my LA Glace Ice Roller!) 


What kind of protocol do you want from me next? Drop your questions and comments below!


Until next time,




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