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Making Your (Treatment) Bed the Kasey Way

Making Your (Treatment) Bed the Kasey Way

Making your (Treatment) bed the Kasey way


If you know me then you KNOW I'm not a crazy OCD person, I typically talk about taking action over perfection but at the same time I am particular when it comes to certain things, like making my (treatment) bed. 

Let me break down WHY making your treatment bed is so important.



From the moment your client walks through the door to the moment they leave, you are setting the tone for your clients overall experience. As esthetician's we are service providers and I believe that receiving a facial is a true experience including your treatment bed.



The way you take care of your spa, studio, room and treatment bed is a representation of you and your biz whether you are an owner or not, your bed is your workspace and it should represent your skills and hard work. Not only are you making your workspace a beautiful one but your client is going to be lying down there for the next 60-90 mins and it should be an inviting space for them as well. Which brings me to my next point.



#1 if you are using bedding, please for the love of god use clean bedding for each and every client, to some it might sound obvious but I want to stress the importance of having enough clean bedding on hand. #2 Not only should your bedding be clean, it should look clean and inviting. Try to avoid having stains, tons of wrinkles and make sure you actually make the bed. Fold the blanket and sheets down. Even if you don't work at the Four Seasons, give them that Four Seasons Spa vibes.



You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to have a comfortable bed but you do need to have a comfortable bed. To me comfort for your client is a MUST. If they can’t lay there comfortably they aren't coming back. I’ve always used a massage bed because I have worked in a lot of small spaces. Let me break down what I have on my bed for true comfort.

Massage Bed with arms, memory foam, bed warmer (no one wants to take their clothes off and get in a cold bed) bed skirt (looks cozy and can act as more storage without mess) memory foam knee bolster, Comphy spa sheet, comforter and duvet. Top is off with some lavender pillow mist and your client will be in heaven before their head even hits the sheets.

(Client comfort is important, but so is yours! I love this massage stool. It's firm, adjustable, and has a 360 degree swivel.)

If you're looking to take things to the next level, check out my latest blog about the treatment bed that changed my life. 

Questions? Drop them below. Want a visual? Head to my Instagram and watch IGTV Treatment Bed Breakdown.



Hi Kasey! I am looking at the Milo bed. What additional things should I add to it? I have your links for the memory foam, heater, bolster….etc.
Thank you!

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