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My Treatment Room Music Must-Haves

My Treatment Room Music Must-Haves

It’s all about the VIBES! One of the best ways to create a relaxing and memorable experience for your clients in the treatment room is through music. 

Having sounds and pleasant music playing while you’re doing a treatment on a client is a spa must-have! After all, they’re coming to you to relax and take a little breather from their crazy day. It sets the tone as soon as they walk into the door. They’ll love you for going this extra mile and making sure their experience is that much better! 

I’m constantly asked about what music I use in the treatment room, so I’ll share with you ALL of my music must-haves today. I personally love to mix it up between classic spa music, sound machines, some meditation music, sound bowl meditation, and binaural beats. I’ll also play these all throughout my treatment room and lobby too. I think it’s good to have music going on throughout the entire space to help create an uplifting space for your clients! It’s good to have some variety, you know?

First thing’s first, what music am I playing?

You can’t go wrong with classic spa or meditation music. I also like to play some binaural beats. Of course, I have you hooked up with my Spotify. Click here to listen to my favorite playlists and stream these jams the next time you’re in the treatment room! 


I’m typically streaming this music on Google Homes (love using this holder for it) or Sonos. These are perfect for good quality sound going on throughout the entire spa! 


Send your clients to paradise with a sound machine.  


Using a sound machine is another great tool to add a peaceful ambiance to your treatment room. I love using this one, it comes with 6 sound options (white noise, fan, ocean, rain, stream, and summer night). It’s also energy-efficient and travel-friendly, 10/10 recommend! 


I also use one in my bedroom at home because I love it so much. Crickets in the bedroom and ocean waves at the spa for me! P.S. I am super extra and I LOVE to use spa music alongside this sound machine in my room. Don’t knock it ‘till you try it. 


Do some chakra + holistic healing with a sound bowl! 

Where do I begin with this one… sound bowls are AMAZING if you don’t already use these. I love this Tibetan Singing Bowl Set from Amazon, it’s authentically handcrafted, easy to travel with, and always blows my clients away. I love to use this while my clients are under a mask, LED, oxygen, and at the end of service too! (PLUS - it’s perfect for the treatment room since it doesn’t take up a lot of space.)


Extra Glow Tips


  • While I’m using the sound bowl or have my Spotify playlist going, I’m usually keeping the sound machine on in the background and having crickets or ocean waves at the same time. Is it extra? Yes. But do clients love it? Also yes. 


  • It’s always a good idea to check in with your clients before starting the service to see what they prefer to listen to. 


  • Keep in mind what kind of service you’re doing - this correlates to the kind of music to be playing. For example, if I’m waxing or doing lashes, I’ll play something a bit more upbeat like Lo-fi or chill.


There you have it, all of my treatment room music must-haves! These are staples for me and they make a world of a difference. How do you incorporate music into your treatment room? Comment down below and let me know. 






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