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Double the Cleanse, Double the Skincare Love

Double the Cleanse, Double the Skincare Love

One cleanse, two cleanse, three cleanse, four? How many times is too many times to cleanse your skin? Well, if you haven't jumped on the double cleanse bandwagon yet, now is the time! As so many of us are looking for ways to fill our time these days, why not incorporate something new into your skincare routine? Cleaning your face properly is such an important part of you caring for your skin. Think of it this way, if you’re “washing your face” but not really cleansing it properly then it makes it difficult for your serums and other products to work as well as they should.

Imagine your freshly cleansed skin as the base. Without this, all the other steps become, well, much less useful. So, where do you start? Let me walk you through it. I am going to break it down to the basics to get you started on the right path. 

Okay, first things first: wash your hands! You know the drill, 20 seconds with soap and hot water. Next you will dry your hands completely. This may seem counterintuitive, however when using an oil cleanser you want to start using the product with dry hands and skin. This is important because as we all know from 5th grade science, water and oil do not mix! So grab your favorite oil cleanser, mine is Cosmedix (big shocker there) Purity Solution. Give the product a shake and apply one pump into your hands. Then simply massage the full face, neck and décolleté with the oil. If you are wearing makeup (something that feels like it’s a thing of the past) the oil will remove all of it, and easily! Even waterproof mascara. No more rubbing the face with makeup remover or towelettes. This is now the “racoon effect”. There will be disintegrating makeup all over your face. That’s okay! Personally I find something so satisfying about this! Once the product is evenly distributed and massaged into the skin, it’s time to emulsify. What does this mean? Get your hands damp with warm water and massage your face again. This will create a milky effect with the oil and “activate” it’s cleansing ability to the next level. After that you will rinse the remaining oil from your skin and it's time for your second cleanse!

At this stage I will keep my hands and face damp and begin massaging the soapy cleanser onto my complection. Personally I would use Purity Clean or RX Clean, depending on the day and my skin. Then basically repeat the whole process of massaging, probably a minute or so, no need to get crazy here.

Once you have cleansed all the areas, you will wash off the soap with tepid water, and towel dry. I would recommend using a Perfect Facial Towel, or another soft and absorbent towel. Just be sure not to pull on the face. Dab, dab dab!

That my friend, is how you double cleanse like a pro! This process is great to use every day, once a day. Now, go and give it a try. I’m sure once you get in there, you are going to love double cleansing as much as I do. If you have any questions or want to know more about skincare shoot us an email here. We are also available for skincare consultations which you can schedule here.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hope you are all staying well.

With love and a clean face,



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