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SPF is your BFF

SPF is your BFF

May is Skin Cancer Awareness month! Let’s honor this by becoming a little more educated on sun protection.

I don’t know about you, but I love to be outside; walks, patios, the beach, you get my point. What I don’t love is damaging my skin while enjoying the outdoors. Growing up in Southern California, being tan was just a way of life. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a little color aon their skin? I have always spent a lot of my time outside and my olive toned skin was proof of that. It was easy for me to bronze up without burning. What I didn’t know was that even though I was tanning and NOT burning, I was still damaging and prematurely aging my skin. No good. 

On top of that, as an idiot teenager and young adult, I also spent a decent amount of time in tanning beds not thinking about the future. Yikes! Not a proud moment but it’s part of the story.

That brings me to a little over a year ago, when I was shockingly diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, SKIN CANCER. Yes, me, your trusty Esthetician had skin cancer. I was in shock, not only because of my profession but my age! At 31 years old I had never imagined I would be faced with something like this. My next thought was how embarrassing. I preach on a daily basis how important it is to protect yourself from the sun, yet there I was. So when I say that you need to protect yourself from the sun, YOU NEED TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM THE SUN! Wear your sunscreen, reapply, and do not go in tanning beds!!! This will help protect yourself from skin cancer and rapid aging! I hope that by sharing this information with you it will in fact, raise awareness.

Here is what to do:

+Reapply your SPF every 1-2 hours! This is the best way to ensure you are being protected.

+Wear a hat as much as possible when spending time outside. Yes, the SPF is great from protecting you from the sun, but you are still being exposed. The more you cover up, the better!

+Sun shields in your car are a must. If you are anything like me, there are some days where you are in and out of your car all day, which means sun exposure. These shields will help to limit the rays.

Including these simple steps into your skincare routine will greatly reduce your risk of skin cancer and contribute to keeping your skin looking youthful and healthy!

PRO TIP: My favorite SPF is Seriously FAB’s Zinc it Over. This sunscreen not only smells amazing, but it also can be very easily applied and reapplied. How often is it that you are out and about with a full face of makeup and come to a crossroads with your SPF regime. How the heck are you supposed to reapply over makeup? IMPOSSIBLE! Well, Zinc it Over is a nano misting spray SPF that can be applied and reapplied over makeup and other skincare products. It is also great as a setting spray which is a great way to “touch up” your face throughout the day.

Take care of your skin, love your skin. 

Love, Kasey


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