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Social Distancing From Your Esthetician

Social Distancing From Your Esthetician

It’s day how many of social distancing and self quarantine? Fine, I can work from home, shop from home and workout from home, but how am I supposed to get my facial from home? Well, if you are anything like me, you rely heavily on your regularly scheduled facial for your skin as well as your well being. This week we, along with most other spas and beauty studios nationwide, had to close Glow Skincare. This meant cancelling all the scheduled appointments, including my own. Now, some may wait it out and book an appointment ASAP but some, myself included, have no intention on waiting anything out. Skincare = Life. So I am going to give you some tips to do your very own Glow Skincare Signature Facial from the comfort of your quarantined bathroom.

Let me break it down then. Heads up, I will be recommending Cosmedix products for this social distancing inspired facial, but feel free to use what you have! First thing you are going to do is, you guessed it, wash your hands! I am sure everyone is sick of hearing that, but to stay healthy you must put healthy habits in place. After your hands are washed and clean, it is time for your face. You will want to run the sink to create tepid water, not too hot or too cold. I LOVE an oil cleanser, specifically Purity Solution. You will pump the oil cleanser into your hand and apply it to your face, neck and décolleté. Massage the product onto the skin for about a minute or longer if you’d like to incorporate some facial massage. Next you will get your hands damp with the tepid water and continue to massage the skin, the product will become milky, you want this! Rinse the skin and repeat the process with your cleanser of choice. Purity Clean would be what I would use. Now, if we want to get a little steam going on, while you are doing your second cleanse you can have the hot water running and you can lean over the sink so that the steam is rising to hit your face. Now that you are done cleansing, time to exfoliate. You will repeat the same process with your favorite exfoliant. A physical exfoliant would be my choice, using the Purity Detox Scrub will really get the job done. Then rinse and dry the skin with a clean towel. Of course, the Perfect Facial towel would be great to use, but any non abrasive towel will do the trick. Just be sure to be gentle with yourself. 

Now that your face has never been cleaner, it is time for extractions. This is an optional step and I would recommend letting a professional perform the extractions, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Please just use your best discretion and don’t force or pick anything!

Time to mask. There are tons of awesome masks and this step will be determined greatly by your skin’s needs. I’m feeling a Pure Enzymes Mask personally, but to each their own. You will then apply the mask to the prepped skin and let it sit, this can be anywhere from 5-20 minutes depending on the product used. The removal of the mask also depends on the product but I love to use a warm and damp, not hot, Perfect Facial Towel to remove the product after the appropriate amount of time has passed.

I am a big fan of toner, specifically Purity Balance. It seems to really get any last little residue off of your skin leaving you feeling so fresh faced. All you’ll do is spray a few pumps into a 2x2 woven pad and gently wipe the skin. SO simple. I always try to use an upward motion in all of my facial steps, but especially this one. Lift the skin!

Massage time! After using the Pure Enzymes my face will have flushed so it’s time to cool it down. After all the manipulations to the skin, your face is ready for a break. So of course I am going to grab my Cold Roller from the fridge and massage my face, neck, everywhere really. The hot then cold application is going to do wonders for that glow we are all dreaming of while getting 10 hours of sleep during this epidemic.

Now, the final step, or mini steps really, serums! Again, I will share with you what I am using but this is all based on what is best for me and my skin, use what is best for you. I would mix some Simply Brilliant, Clarity and Cell I.D., and apply it to my baby soft skin. Time for a little moisturizer, and since I would do this at the end of the day, after the sun is down, I wouldn’t worry about an SPF, instead I would go with Emulsion. Finish off with some Enhance on the lips and some Opti Crystal around the eyes and there my friend you have a DIY Glow Signature esthetician-less facial.

Just because you can’t come see us, doesn’t mean you can’t connect with us. We would love to share our knowledge with you. If at any point during your DIY facial you have a questions or concern please do not hesitate to reach out. We are still available for scheduled Zoom consultations during the temporary closure of Glow Skincare. Please email with any questions.

Thank you so much for all the support during this very uncertain time, you are so appreciated!

A quick reminder, all the products listed in this blog are available through their clickable links from Cosmedix, you’ll thank me later.

PRO TIP: I am also available for discounted one on one Zoom coaching during the closure. Please email me with any questions at


With love and peace,




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